Thursday, February 18, 2010


I started writing this not to catalog the monotonous and tedious minutiae of my day. That's what Twitter is for. I did it to talk about my battle against the nightmare factory. The problem with this is that I have a very difficult time writing when I'm feeling better. I can't find the right words and I don't have any idea how to translate what I feel to the keyboard. I've crawled through every corner of misery writing "Pulling Scars From The Night Time Sky". I know psychic pain and disappointment so well that I wear it as skin. This feeling well, this not hating myself every waking moment is new. I have no lexicon to draw from to describe this new world and no true frame of reference. I hope I can learn.

Drink Deep

"Drink deep, it's just a taste
And it might not come this way again
I believe in moments, transparent moments
Moments in grace
When you've got to stake your faith..."

Rites Of Spring (Summer 1996)

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