Saturday, December 10, 2011


Why humans, for the most part, are garbage...

Let's start with the douchebag that left the deer carcass in the parking lot this morning. I'm all for reducing the deer population, and I have great respect for anyone that can nail a deer with a bow, but leaving the carcass in the fucking parking lot? Really? There are plenty of people that bring their kids to hike the trails at Bennett's Pond. I can see it now... "Hey dad, why are there parts of Rudolph in that trash bag?" "Well, son, it's because people suck." So that's reason number one for me to dislike humanity on this lovely December morning.

Reason number two: FUCK CHRISTMAS. It's a stupid fucking holiday to begin with and when you add pieces of human garbage pepper spraying each other, stepping over dead people, and causing riots over two dollar waffle irons at Wal Mart, it's time to cull the human herd. Wanna embrace the "Christmas Spirit"? Instead of buying cheap plastic shit from China, why don't you try throwing a few bucks to someone that's in need. If you don't think you know anyone like that, you're not looking hard enough. You people make me pray for the apocalypse.

Reason three? I don't need another reason.

Here are some random pictures from the past 5 months; Mount Washington, Bennett's, Bear Mountain, My love for Penn State, and a bunch of other crap. Oh, and a deer carcass stuffed in a trash bag.


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