Sunday, January 29, 2012


20 Miles. 4,000 feet of climbing. 5 hours 39 minutes. Slowly erasing past mistakes.

The following lyrics are from the Starkweather song Lazarus Runs from our first album. It's a song we always played with an added element of savagery. It means more to me now than it did back then...

Old fears resurfacing undulating beneath my flesh
Skin set to crawl, skin set to crawl

From the distance all the hills appear to be the same
Here the baying of wild dogs caroms amongst the evergreens
Through gaping fissures, collapsing colors I am exposed
I'll be the first to admit that I do this for the pain

When I reach inside when I reach beyond that's when the darkness sets in
Where impulse overwhelms reason when heated coils sear
Now I have this gut feeling that I'm going to destroy myself before it's too long
Call it intuition, call it hindsight or the lack of will

Back then there used to be feeling
Reducing myself to ashes to rebuild atop the ruins
The perfect foundation for the killing floor
The steering wheel turns all those memories burn
Cloaked under the stench of ignited oil
I remember your words, (fuel for the fire), I remember your words

Now I need something to numb the pain
Maybe roam beyond the hills into the field
Somewhere in this expanse I buried a piece of myself
To erase your memory
I'll remain here until the breaking of dawn
Resurrect without once missing to take what's left of me
Though I've built myself to be destroyed
You can never, ever take what's mine
Though I've built myself to be destroyed
You can never, ever, take what's mine

Encircle my body with razor wire
The deepest cuts are the kindest
Encircle my body with razor wire

Lazarus runs headlong through brambles and thorns
Used salt and alcohol to soak the ragged sores

Lazarus Runs...

Some photos from today:

Interesting question carved into one of the wooden foot bridges around mile eight. Even on a day like today I'm not sure.

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