Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Due to a lovely combination of a head and chest cold and being in too much of a rush to get out of work to eat lunch I was wheezing like a preemie and delirious from low blood sugar in less than a mile. I wanted to turn around but instead decided to do some jawking. Jawking is a not very attractive or admirable combination of jogging and walking. I figured that while I was moving at a horrendous 13 minute mile clip I might as well enjoy the scenery and snap a few photographs.

The Fall has always been my favorite season, a combination of the romanticism of Southern Vermont Mountains in October and the agonal breaths of another year.

"The grey cobweb-like appearance of the aged pines is a much finer image of decay; the fibres whitening as they lose their moisture, imprisoned life seems to be stealing away. I cannot tell why-but death, under every form, appears to me like something getting free". Mary Wollstonecraft

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